English or French? (was: Linne or Linnaeous?)

Ron at Ron at
Thu Feb 12 10:13:02 CST 2004

I came to my computer today to find a good many taxacom posts.  Usually I
start at the beginning but today at the end - Marco's.

Here in the US, one surely finds the most arrogant and yet least
linguistically cosmopolitan people on earth.   Frankly, if ya'll didn't post
in English we would be lost, cause we can't even speak our own talk good.

So this post is to say thank you to all those who help me to partake in this
wonderful list serve because you are _able_ to, and do, what I am not able
to do - post in a language other than your native tongue.

A few years ago I decided I wanted to try to teach myself Spanish.  My son
went out and bought me a book on English and said, "Dad, you have to learn
how to speak English First."  In addition, being fairly computer illiterate,
I can't even get the on-line translators to work.

So, the reason the overwhelming majority of we English speaking Americans
always want others to converse with us in this language, is because we
_need_ them too because we are so linguistically handicapped.

Thanks, really
Ron Gatrelle

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