Linne or Linnaeous?

Jan Bosselaers dochterland at PANDORA.BE
Thu Feb 12 19:13:26 CST 2004

Liebe Taxacomer,

Si queremos utilisar un idioma universal, tendriamos que comunicar en
Chino, idioma hablado por muchisimas personas. Na tak i byt, govaril by
Pushkin. I hope I do not offend anyone by being in a silly mood today.
Je m' excuse d'avance. Zoals jullie merken leer ik voor Paus.

Descendat super vos et Maneat semper,


W.Wuster wrote:

>> Selon les critères anglo-saxons, peut-être, mais les critères
>> anglo-saxons n'ont pas une portée universelle. Désolé d'avoir à vous
>> ramener les pieds sur terre, mais, comme on dit, politesse pour
>> politesse.
> Language is in the first instance about communication.
> While I agree with your point on the importance of preserving cultural
> and linguistic diversity, I would also strongly suspect that more
> TAXACOM readers can read English than French. Since the list exists to
> communicate ideas, and since this communication happens by means of
> language, it seems to me fairly pointless to deliberately use a
> language that is only understood by a subset of readers (although
> nobody will deny you the right to do so if you wish).
> Language evolved to communicate and to unite us, not to divide us, so
> let's use it accordingly to maximise communication (and I speak as a
> non-Anglo-Saxon who has enjoyed learning a number of languages,
> including French, while living and working in various countries).
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang

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