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Fri Feb 13 11:44:40 CST 2004

Dear Jan and all Taxacomers that might be interested,
Sorry I didn´t answer sooner, but I just checked my mail. In reference to the tool I´m using, I must say it was quite a find. It´s a relatively new website called www.scitechqueries.com, and I found out about it through another discussion list. It´s a personalized service, or variety of services, and the searches are done by colleagues. They have an impressive number and variety of journals because the scientists involved are from all over the world. They have a low profile and it´s inexpensive.
One of the services I opted for was the Table of Contents Alert for a number of journals that interest me but that I never actually have the chance to read. When I receive the alerts, I usually glance through the abstracts (that´s also nice about this service, they send you the abstracts in your mail). African Zoology is one of the journals, and when I read Corronca in your mail, it clicked. I´m not right now into spiders, but it´s a topic that has always interested me.
Well, to end this long letter, and to respond to your second request, I´ll look through the journals I´ve been receiving and if anything comes up I´ll write immediately.
Best of luck to everyone

Jan Bosselaers <dochterland at pandora.be> wrote:
Dear Lisa Kennedy,

Thanks again for the reference below and my apologies for disturbing you another time, but I would like to ask which tool you used to find this. I tried Zoological Record and SciFinder and found nothing.
If it would not be time consuming, could you find out whether this has been published yet?
Corronca, J.A.(in press)  "New Selenopidae spiders (Araneae) from Madagascar, South Africa and Ivory Coast." 12 pp.

Many thanks and best regards,

Dear Jan,
I think this is what you´re looking for:

Authors Corronca, JA ( jcorronca at sciseek.com )
Title New genus and species of Selenopidae (Arachnida, Araneae) from Madagascar and neighbouring islands, AFRICAN ZOOLOGY, 2003, Vol 38, Iss 2, pp 387-392
Keywords Afrotropical Region; new genus; new species; Comoro Islands; Madagascar
Address Corronca JA, Consejo Nacl Invest Cient & Tecn, UNSA Fac Ciencias Nat, Av Bolivia 5051, RA-4400 Salta, Argentina
Publisher ZOOLOGICAL SOC SOUTHERN AFRICA ( http://www.up.ac.za/academic/acadorgs/zssa ), AFRICAN ZOOLOGY CIRCULATION OFFICE, PO BOX 11663, PRETORIA 0028, SOUTH AFRICA
Abstract A new spider genus, Garcorops, in the family Selenopidae is described from Madagascar and the Comoro Islands based on the type species Garcoro ps madagascar n.sp. (male and female). Two additional new species included in this genus are described and illustrated, namely G. jocquei (female only) from the Comoros and G. paulyi (female only) from Madagascar.

Best of luck
dochterland at PANDORA.BE wrote:
Dear Taxacomers,

Does anyone know whether the following article has been published yet, and if so, where?
Corronca, J.A. (in press) A new Selenopidae (Arachnida, Araneae) genus from the Afrotropical Region. 12pp.
A referee asks me to check the description of this new genus (Garcorops, I was told) in order to adapt a new manuscript of mine, but I can not find it anywhere.

Best regards,

Jan Bosselaers
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