help on making updated Philippine Gesneriaceae checklist and database

jhoanne fidelino jhoanne.fidelino at UP.EDU.PH
Tue Feb 17 08:23:19 CST 2004

Dear taxacommers,

I am a B. S. Biology student who is in the process of making an updated
checklist of Philippine Gesneriaceae and a database of species descriptions.
The current Philippine gesneriad list is still in E. D. Merrill's Enumeration
of Philippine Flowering Plants 1923-1925 which lists 133 species of gesneriads
in 12 genera (Boea, Paraboea, Trichosporum, Dichrotrichum, Tetradema,
Rhynchoglossum, Rhynchotechum, Isanthera, Stauranthera, Monophyllaea, Epithema
and Cyrtandra).  The Philippine libraries, however, are not much of help due
to the lack of journals (especially those I need: Notes Roy. Bot. Gard.,
Edinburgh; Edinburgh J. Bot.) and books (especially A. & C. DeCandolle,
Monographiae Phanerogamarum 5).  Though I have already downloaded some files
from the Edinburgh Journal of Botany, access to these files are only limited
to the recent ones.

To those who could help me in acquiring these sources (including advices and
tips), please reply to my email jhoanne.fidelino at, through my
university address (UP Diliman), or through the listserv address.  Thank you
very much.

Jhoanne S. Fidelino
jhoanne.fidelino at
Herbarium, Institute of Biology
University of the Philippines, Diliman
1101 Quezon City, Philippines
+63 2 9205301

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