Linne or Linnaeous question

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at VAXA.CIS.UWOSH.EDU
Wed Feb 18 07:54:03 CST 2004

At 06:39 PM 2/17/04, Robin Leech wrote:
>The title page of the 10th Edition of Systema Naturae reads: CAROLI
>LINNAEI.  The 1753 edition (volume I) of Species Plantarum reads: CAROLI

Yes, genitive case.  Best translated as "of Carl Linnaeus."

>Just for the hell of it, I checked in Charles Clerck's (=Carl Clerck in
>Swedish, and Caroli Clerck in Latin) 1757 book on spiders titled "Svenska
>Spindlar/Aranei Svecici", and Clerck, last page of text, wrote CARL
>LINNAEUS at the upper half of the page (in Swedish), and CAROLO LINNAEO in
>the bottom half of the page (in Latin).

Yes, ablative case.  Best translated as "by Carl Linnaeus."

It is astounding how often I have seen seemingly knowledgeable people say
that his name was "Carolus" Linnaeus, based these Latin title pages, or
that "Carolus Linnaeus" was a Latinized form of his "real" name, Carl von

I don't think there is another soul in the history of biology whose name is
so frequently garbled and misunderstood.

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