a dream work: online counter for new species...

Donat Agosti agosti at AMNH.ORG
Wed Feb 18 11:56:57 CST 2004

Here is a URL which we should immitate:


It is not from our community, but one which has a similar task,
that is to produce a catalogue of all publications of the world,
open to anybody so all the duplications efforts can be minimized,
the data can be improved and it is clear where is comes from.
Data can be entered from the world's leading library to any small
one somwhere which has an Internet access. The more people chip
in the better it becomes.

Why should the librarian's have something and we not?

Donat Agosti

Senior Resident National Research Council Research Fellow
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Academy of Sciences
Pasadena, CA

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