Shame on you

Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 18 12:59:17 CST 2004

I had this message on my monitor and Parky was over.  He looked at it and said, "Hey, Trout, he's right.  You oughta try to elevate the dialogue."

So here goes:

Hey, how about that DNA sequencing, huh?



At 12:34 AM 2/13/2004 +0000, Kevin Tilbrook wrote:
>Dear List Members
>I joined this list a short time ago (on the recommendation of a friend) to
>be a part of the greater scientific community, and keep abreast of the
>latest comings and goings in the world of taxonomy.
>This morning I open my mail and find the best part of 30 messages, all
>with the same subject heading ­ I thought a string of messages about
>Linneaus, our founding father ­ now this is what its all about!
>How wrong was I?
>What an embarrassing furore, pure playground stuff. Surely this is not the
>place for such pettiness, or is it!!?

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