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No offense to the Rafinesque Fan Club, but that's a rather humorous story
in a twisted kind of way.


>Constantine Samuel Rafinesque-Schmaltz (1783-1840) was no idiot.  He
>accomplished a great deal considering he never had an adequate library at
>his disposal.  It is not his fault that he was duped by the evil Audubon
>into believing the paintings of fake fish et ali sent to him were real.
>Rafinesque smashed Audubon's violin when he threw it at a bat he was
>trying to collect in their cabin. To pay him back, the devious Audubon
>painted about a dozen imaginary fish that Rafinesque included descriptions
>of in his book Fishes of Ohio (1820). Rafinesque was ruined and died
>penniless in a Philadelphia attic because he had trusted Audubon.
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