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>Steven Hill took exception to my comment about Rafinesque, stating that he
>was a hero to him and that his plant species are well known to all
>botanists.  I do not dispute either of those statements, and confess to
>knowing nothing of botany.  I do know that as recently as 1950, at the
>Seventh International Botanical Congress in Stockholm, an attempt was made
>to expunge all of Rafinesque's botanical writings from the scientific
>record.  I could expound on "Raffy" at length but this is not the proper
>forum.  Besides, it is a matter of opinion and I am not going to change
>mine, and I don't expect to be able to change the opinion of others.

To those interested, I strongly recommend "Profiles of Rafinesque" ed. by
Charles Boewe (University of Tennessee Press, 2003).  It is an extremely
thorough and balanced view of the man's achievements and foibles.

Tom Lammers

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