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I have been hunting for one of my copies of this for several hours and
cannot find it (it doesn't fit into any of my file box categories!). It has
been reprinted at least once as I have an original and a reprint.  My
original is signed by the actual author, admitting authorship. I believe it
to be Croizat but I am not certain. Will let you know when I find it.
Everything is imaginary including the "Institute," "Fotheringham," and the
"Burleigh Press."  The only thing in the work that is real is the hood
ornament that is "Eoörnis."

Speaking of Croizat, if anyone else thinks my one comment about Rafinesque
was harsh, they should read Croizat's "Rafinesque: A Concrete Case" that he
published in 1948 under the pseudonym Henricus Quatre.

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And there is:

Fotheringham, Augustus C. 1928. Eoörnis pterovelox gobiensis - A monograph.
The Buighleigh Press, London.
[The big ornithological spoof at Cornell University.]

And with it goes the Eoörnis Institute of America (does it still exist?).

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