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Frederick W. Schueler bckcdb at ISTAR.CA
Mon Feb 23 11:38:49 CST 2004

Rudy Jocque wrote:
> As regarding the first, the Marsupilami example shows that there is not
> the slightest filter to date for the creation of new species. If
> tomorrow I can convince a newspaper editor that I have found a new
> primate and describe it there it will become an available name just like
> Marsupilami does. As long as it is obviously for fun...

* actually 'Rana magnaocularis' was first used in a spoof (the 1974
Dopeia of the American Association of Ich. and Herp.) by Jim Johnston,
and then appeared as R. magnaocularis Frost & Bagnara, 1976. In the
spoof it was clearly a synonym of Rana pipiens...

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