Dot matrix printers

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Yes, but I've found that you can greatly extend the longevity of the labels
produced by dot matrix and ink jet printers by heat-fixing them.  You can
actually get a heat press or you can do like I've done in the past and use a
simple clothes iron.  Seems to do the trick.  I'm more worried now that the
paper will give out and need to be replaced before the label becomes


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 These two messages about pens with permanent ink reminded me of the
specimens labels made with dot matrix printers. I noticed that some herbaria
are still using this kind of printers, and I can assure you that those
labels will fade away within a few decades. Some of them are already
difficult to read.

Piero Delprete

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A word of caution with India Ink and related inks.  DO NOT freeze.
If these inks are frozen, then they will not be permanent.  Water and/or
alcohol will make the labelling "run".
Robin Leech

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