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Kathleen Kron kronka at WFU.EDU
Wed Feb 25 11:23:05 CST 2004

I have an opening in my lab (Fall 04) for a Master's student interested
in studying the molecular systematics of wintergreens (Gaultheria,
etc.), neotropical blueberries, or other groups within Ericaceae.

The position is in the Biology Department at Wake Forest University in
North Carolina. The Biology department has an excellent and diverse
research faculty and is equipped with state-of-art facilities.  Our
graduate students have access to research support and to support for the
attendance of scientific meetings to present their work. In addition,
our department regards mentorship a primary duty of the faculty and our
faculty to student ratio is high.

My lab currently has four students studying various aspects of the
evolution of Bejaria, Vaccinieae, Rhododendron, and Polygonaceae.

If you have questions about a late application, please do not hesitate
to ask.  I also encourage you to look at our website

Sincerely yours,
Kathy Kron
Dr. Kathleen A. Kron
Professor of Biology
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Fellow
Director of the Graduate Program in Biology
phone:  336-758-5321
fax: 336-758-6008

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