"Phylum" Agmata

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 25 21:59:18 CST 2004

Dear All,
     I'm taking a brief break from angiosperms, since Zoological Record is only available free online for a few more days.  Tonight I ran across a citation to an article by G.N. Kisilev (1997) which I hadn't heard about.  That he referred genus Vorborthella to Phylum Agmata was not surprising to me, since in my 1994 classification I referred two orders to Class Agmatea (within my new Phylum Promollusca):  Salterellida and Volborthellida.
      What did surprise me was the term "paleonautilits" in the title (see below).  I can't help but wonder if he (and Karpinsky) are suggesting that Agmata are somehow connected to Nautilus and other early cephalopods.  Does anyone have access to this article or know anything about Karpinsky's "ideas" concerning "paleonautilits"?  Sounds intriguing!
                ------ Thanks,   Ken
The development of A.P. Karpinsky's ideas about "paleonautilits" and their recent solution; by Kisilev, GN.
Vestnik-Sankt-Peterburgskogo-Universiteta-Seriya-7-Geologiya-Geografiya. 1997 iyun'; 2: 72-74, 132.
Volborthella Schmidt 1888 ( Fossil Miscellanea ): Referred to Agmata, p. 73.

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