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I didn't label specific evolutionists as Darwinian, at least I don't think
I did. My reference to Darwinian was in recognition that the list of tenets
is a combination of general principles that any evolutionists might agree
with, and those principles that are Darwinian (such as natural selection
being the primary mechanism) and may be contested by non-Darwinian research
programs. That was my intention. My apologies for the linguistic deficiencies.


At 11:27 AM 1/3/2004 -0800, Curtis Clark wrote:
>At 12:35 2004-01-03 -0500, John Grehan wrote:
>>I could go on, but the above are illustrate for me why teaching evolution
>>is so problematic in the US. However, I acknowledge in advance, and as
>>always, that virtually everyone else on this list is probably happy with
>>the doctrinal approach to teaching evolution and would agree with all the
>>tenets since over 99% of all evolutionists [and systematists] are Darwinians.
>While I don't disagree with your negative appraisal of evolution taught as
>doctrine, labeling specific evolutionists as "Darwinian" seems rather
>doctrinaire. It's the same as if I said, "What else would you expect from a
>panbiogeographer?" Not very useful, in either direction.
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