evolution as doctrine

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Sat Jan 3 13:38:54 CST 2004

At 15:43 2004-01-03 -0500, John Grehan wrote:
>I didn't label specific evolutionists as Darwinian, at least I don't think
>I did.

Statistically speaking, you could point to each of us, one at a time, and
say "I wasn't including you in the 99%", but eventually the odds will be
against you.

>My reference to Darwinian was in recognition that the list of tenets
>is a combination of general principles that any evolutionists might agree
>with, and those principles that are Darwinian (such as natural selection
>being the primary mechanism) and may be contested by non-Darwinian research

My point is that you've subsumed a lot of variation in the "Darwinian" label.

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