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>===== Original Message From John Grehan <jgrehan at SCIENCEBUFF.ORG> =====
>It's bad enough to have evolution presented more as a religion than a
>science in contest against religious based creationism, but what of the
>tenets themselves? Some are really problematic. For example, one must
>belive that natural selection is the primary mechanism for evolutionary
>changes. Of course that's what most evolutionists do believe, but the
>problem here is that the tenets do not give any indication that its just a
>position taken by the dominant school of evolution (the Darwinian school).
>This omission gives a deceptive representation of the science, and while
>evolutionists are keen to point out duplicity among creationists, its hard
>for me not to see the same kind of tactics by Darwinians.

I guess I'm in need of some clarification.  Is there a type of evolution other
than Darwinian
evolution?  Are you suggesting we discuss Larmarkian evolution or some other
explanation for
how species change over time?

It appears you are promoting creationism in your posting.  Is it the intent of
your message to
debate the merits of the creationism as a scientific theory?


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