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Tue Jan 6 15:05:20 CST 2004

Los Angeles, January 6, 2004

Happy New Year!

The attached URL is a new service we are currently implementing at the
Hymenoptera Name Server / (HNS). It is providing a list of
ant species recently described,  right now in 2003. The URL will be
continually updated whenever we get new publications.

Please let us know your comments and wishes

We also study the possibility to set up a list-server which will send
out notes whenever new species are entered into the HNS. If you would
like to subscribe, please send us a message (agosti at,
indicating your interest, and as well your preference in terms how often
you would like to be notified (e.g. each new entry; every month, or once
a year).

At the same time, we would like to ask your cooperation by sending us
reprints of your new publications, or indicate missing or erroneous
entries. The mailing address is attached below.

We haven't yet received copies of two large publications by Baroni
Urbani & De Andrade, and Bolton, which add more species in the genus
Proceratium, and will change the higher classification of ants
respectively. It is expected that the updates will be made within the
next month.

Through the collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, we will be
able to complete the access to most of the systematics literature in
form of pdf documents early this year. They can either be retrieved as
entire documents, or as single pages, which are linked to from citations
within the HNS. The links are already set up at HNS/antbase, Smithsonian
will provide an independent Web interface, and another will be through

Finally, a new project has been funded through the US NSF and the German
DFG which will run over the next three years aiming at providing full
text access to key ant systematics literature, as well as advanced
search and data mining tools.

With best regards

Donat Agosti( and Norman F. Johnson (Hymenoptera Name

Dr. Donat Agosti
Senior NRC Fellow
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology

Mail Stop 300-227
4800 Oak Grove Drive
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phone: 1-818-354 1219 (w); 323 - 465 1956 (h)

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