Fauna Carpathica 2004 meeting

Eduard Stloukal stloukal at FNS.UNIBA.SK
Wed Jan 7 16:04:16 CST 2004

Fauna Carpathica 2004 meeting
The Second Conference of Carpathian Zoologists
Smolenice Castle, Slovakia, 17.-19. March 2004

The conference on the diversity of Carpathian fauna organized in frames of
the Fauna Europaea project is intended to provide a forum for discussions on
the taxonomy and diversity of animals and faunistics of the Carpathian

The Second Fauna Carpathica meeting, to be held at Smolenice Castle, will
continue in the spirit of previous meeting by providing a mixture of open
and focussed thematic sessions. The organizers are keen to stress that the
conference is open to everyone, and presentations of the research profiles
of institutions are welcomed.

The main scientific topics of the conference are as follow:

- Presentation of local knowledge on the diversity of Carpathian fauna,
running projects on the biodiversity of Carpathian fauna (realised, running
as well as planned for future)
-  Analysis of the gaps in knowledge of Carpathian fauna and designing the
ways to unveil hidden taxonomic resources and grey literature
- Establishment of links between leading institutions dealing with
Carpathian fauna
- Proposals for further investigation and cooperation on institutional and
personal level
- Existing biodiversity databases
- Human impact on environment and species diversity

Detailed information on conference and the registration form can be found at

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