Extracurricular taxonomy courses

Yves Samyn Yves.Samyn at NATURALSCIENCES.BE
Wed Jan 7 17:19:58 CST 2004

Brussels, 7th January 2004

Dear All,

First of all a Happy New Year to all of you.

With the present message I would like to enquire if any of you are aware of
any extra-curricular taxonomy courses (e.g. as organised by museums,
research institutes, NGO's, ...) that are currently being organised in your
country? I am especially interested to find out what initiatives developing
countries have already or are planning to set up. Additionally, any
information on the programmes set up by the developed countries for
researchers from developing countries would also be greatly appreciated.
The courses I am interested in may range from the graduate to the
postgraduate level.

Needless to say perhaps, but all information will greatly enhance our
efforts to finetune the Belgian contribution to the Global Taxonomy Initiative.

Already much oblidged,

Dr. Yves Samyn
CBD-National Focal Point
Assistant, tutor for the Global Taxonomy Initiative
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Vautierstraat 29
B-1000 BRUSSELS (Belgium)

tel:            +32 2 627 43 41
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e-mail: Yves.Samyn at naturalsciences.be
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