Hawaii's biodiversity

Neal Evenhuis neale at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Fri Jan 9 19:39:24 CST 2004

Hi all,

The most recent assessment of Hawaii's biodiversity is now available
for download from the HBS website.

Eldredge, L.G. & N.L. Evenhuis. 2003. Hawaii's biodiversity: a
reassessment of the number of species in the Hawaiian Islands.
Supplement to the Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey for
2001-2002. Bishop Museum Occasional Paper 76, 28 pp.


This is the first detailed account of the numbers of species for all
the plants and animals (except viruses and bacteria) (by higher
category [e.g., order, phylum, class]) in Hawaii since the first one
was tabulated in 1995.

The Hawaii Biological Survey was established in 1992 by the State of
Hawaii as a program of the Bishop Museum with a mandate to survey,
collect, preserve, identify, and disseminate information to the
public on the plants and animals occurring in the state. Information
on many topics can be found on our website:
http://hbs.bishopmuseum.org including a number of publications
available for free download as pdf files.

Neal L. Evenhuis
Hawaii Biological Survey
Bishop Museum

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