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  Le 05-01-2004, à 11:10 -0900, nous recevions de Kevin Winker :

>Dear Heike et al.,
>      The thread on teosinte/teocintle causes me to wonder why the first "l" in
>chilpotle has been increasingly excised the farther one gets from rural
>Veracruz. For those who don't know this wonderful smoked ripe jalapeno
>(available dried or canned), I recommend that you avail yourselves of a
>culinary delight (in the U.S. I've only seen it as 'chipotle'). This and other
>words make me wonder how fast it's acceptable to cause change in words just
>because we choose to use them in English. Some, like this one, seem to be
>changed with a rude abruptness. Meme taxonomists?
>Kevin Winker
>University of Alaska Museum
>907 Yukon Drive
>Fairbanks, Alaska 99775
>ffksw at

    Se trouve dans De Historia plantarum Novae Hispaniae, lib. VI.,
cap. XII, inclus dans le vol. II (p. 120-121) des Oeuvres de
Francisco Hernandez (1514-1578), publiées en 1790 (Matriti, ex
typographia Ibarrae Heredum), ouvrage accessible, bien sûr, dans
GALLICA, à l'adresse :

    On y apprend que le nom est Teocintli ou Tepecentli (spica Maizii
montana) ; Vuichuantztri à Mechoaca, dans le diocèse de
Aguascalientes, au Mexique.

    Jacques Melot

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