A request for Senecioneae material

Pieter Pelser pelser at NHN.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Thu Jan 22 20:29:13 CST 2004

Dear colleagues,

Joachim Kadereit, Bertil Nordenstam, Linda Watson, and Pieter Pelser have recently
started up a project that aims to resolve the intergeneric molecular phylogeny of the
tribe Senecioneae (Asteraceae). Initially Joachim Kadereit and Bertil Nordenstam
will focus on the Old World representatives of this tribe and Linda Watson and Pieter
Pelser will study the New World taxa.

We now ask you to help us to obtain a taxon sampling that covers all (ca. 140)
genera in Senecioneae and most subgenera and sections of large genera in this
tribe including of course Senecio. We are especially interested in obtaining material
of type species of the genera in Senecioneae and the various sections of Senecio.

You can help us in various ways. For instance by:

1) sending us tissue/DNA samples or well preserved herbarium specimens of
2) providing us with a list of fresh Senecioneae material present
in your institute or private collection, or by
3) sending us the contact information of people that might be able to
help us.

Material or information can be sent to Pelser (New World) or Kadereit (Old World).

Please contact any of us if you wish to receive a list of New World or Old World
Senecioneae genera or additional information. Of course, we will acknowledge your
help and will keep you informed about the progress of this project.

Thanks for your help,

Pieter B. Pelser
Department of Botany, Miami University,
316 Pearson Hall,
Oxford OH 45056, USA
e-mail: Pelserpb at muohio.edu

Prof. Dr. Joachim Kadereit
Institut für Spezielle Botanik und
Botanischer Garten,
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz,
55099 Mainz, Germany
e-mail: kadereit at mail.uni-mainz.de

Linda E. Watson, Assoc. Professor and Chair
Department of Botany, Miami University,
316 Pearson Hall,
Oxford OH 45056, USA
e-mail: watsonle at muohio.edu

Bertil Nordenstam, Professor emeritus
Department of Phanerogamic Botany,
Swedish Museum of Natural History,
Box 50007, SE-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden
e-mail: bertil.nordenstam at nrm.se

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