Inadequacy of cladistics

Ronaldo ralperin at TERRA.COM.BR
Sat Jan 24 09:44:08 CST 2004

Essentialy a cluster analysis????

There are a lot of assumptions under  the method!
Process are ignored? Why to understand the process if we cannot test
them? Cladistics methodology is not concerned to the process, its an
old discussion.

I think the probelm is under the molecular "adaptations" of what
really hennigian cladistics are concerned! I only see similarities or
OTUs in such molecular methods, not in any Cladistics. Maybe what we
have to look is what Cladistics means to you!


Ronaldo Alperin

Friday, January 23, 2004, 4:37:05 PM, you wrote:

RZMO> I think I agree. Cladistics is essentially a cluster analysis that groups
RZMO> taxa. The theory is simplistic, and details of process are ignored. Of
RZMO> course, we don't know details of process for most taxa, so as long as
RZMO> cladists state we are using a simple model to cluster OTUs, and are not
RZMO> reconstructing a process, that's okay. The problem, is, as you say, that
RZMO> there is a confusion between such.

RZMO> In molecular terms, finding similarities between introns shows
RZMO> relationships, finding dissimilarities between exons shows process. I think.

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