Inadequacy of cladistics

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Sat Jan 24 09:46:38 CST 2004


Opinions are not scientific assumptions!
Still, Methods are even not an axiom, but paradigms itselves.

Ronaldo Alperin

P.S. Tatiana da USU da minha turma, formandos de 1991?

Saturday, January 24, 2004, 8:40:13 AM, you wrote:

TK> What really challanges in Science is not the method itself but opinions.
TK> Tatiana Konno

>> Cladistics is inadequate, indeed. But can anybody
>> recommend me another usable SCIENTIFIC
>> method? Any other ways using hypotheses and
>> testing of these? Phenetic clustering is a way to
>> ordinate the data, do you call it a science?
>> Erast Parmasto
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