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P. Bryan Heidorn heidorn at ALEXIA.LIS.UIUC.EDU
Mon Jan 26 09:00:57 CST 2004

First, you can try asking to have it removed or acknowledged depending on 
your desire.

If that does not work
There may be legal and social recourse. In part it depends on who, if 
anyone, claimed copyright. But because no one claimed copyright, does not 
mean it is public domain. It is usually a good idea to claim copyright 
because it gives you the power to give people access while protecting it. 
You might try the Open Publishing License
There is a good discussion in
Building the Biodiversity Commons
Thomas Moritz
D-Lib Magazine June 2002 Volume 8 Number 6
ISSN 1082-9873

There is new congressional legislation meant to cover electronic databases 
but I believe that current copyright and patent protections are sufficient 
and just need to be enforced. You can find a discussion of that issue at

Legal protection for database contents
Communications of the ACM archive
Volume 39 ,  Issue 12  (December 1996) table of contents
Pages: 17 - 23
Year of Publication: 1996
ISSN:0001-0782 This link requires a ACM password, sorry 

<citation.htm>Intellectual property for an information age: introduction
Pamela Samuelson
February 2001
Communications of the ACM,  Volume 44 Issue 2
This link requires a ACM password, sorry copyright.

Generally, on the web, references to another site is allowed but copying 
the material is not except for indexing the original site and giving access 
to it (ala google, yahoo, alta vista...) Copyright law include rights for 
fair use (but not abuse).

Bryan Heidorn
At 07:06 AM 1/26/2004 -0600, Joel Hallan wrote:
>I would like to bring up a very touchy subject.  What course can be taken if
>one finds that a web page he has published has been adopted into the web
>site of a supposedly professional person without even being asked to do so
>or being giiven credit for the original web page?
>Joel Hallan
>Austin, Texas
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