Stolen web pages

roger at HYAM.NET roger at HYAM.NET
Mon Jan 26 09:42:16 CST 2004

Before I start I will say that it is unacceptable, morally, to pinch some
ones work and not credit them. That said I am going to be controversial.

The bottom line is if you don't want your work "stolen" don't put it on the
web. If you want to share your work widely then put it on the web and rely
on peoples good will to credit you.

One of these options leads to a better world the other does not.

If some one forgets to credit you then write to them and say how pleased you
are that they are using it but that you would appreciate credit. If they
choose not to then you know that you have got right on your side and can
sleep at night whilst they may not be able to. If you find yourself making
wax dolls and sticking pins in them to get revenge or, far worse, hiding
specimens in the wrong places in collections, then you are a regular
taxonomist and shouldn't worry about it.

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