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A very useful discussion, this is an essential
issue in the "digital environment".

I believe that much data, information and knowledge
in our sciences is being constrained
(not made available on the Web) because of insecurity
1) unlicensed commercial use (loss of revenue potential)
2) loss of scientific priority vested in original research
(this includes concern that citation credit may be lost
by little or no attribution or even concern with plagiarism --
a long and well-established norm)
3) fear that use ("impacts")  will not be adequately measured
(and thus demonstrable for purposes of promotion and tenure,
grant applications or even internal institutional budgeting)
4) unwillingness to trust the volatility (lack of "persistence"/stability)
in the Web environment
5) unwillingness of traditional scientific culture to accept the legitimacy
of "Web-publishing" -- at least partially a reflection of concerns with both
"4)" (above) and with the perceived lack of (or perceived weakness of)
peer-review mechanisms in this environment

None of these impediments are insurmountable. Several are being addressed
technologically -- some are, however, fundamentally culturally normative
and will require the broad community and individual institutions to re-evaluate
and re-think some of our traditional approaches to assessing scientific

Tom Moritz

At 07:48 AM 1/26/2004 -0800, Curtis Clark wrote:
>At 09:42 2004-01-26 -0600, roger at HYAM.NET wrote:
>>The bottom line is if you don't want your work "stolen" don't put it on the
>>web. If you want to share your work widely then put it on the web and rely
>>on peoples good will to credit you.
>In general, I agree. A serious issue, though, is the "mirroring" of
>outdated copies of web sites, so that Google searches (for example) will
>often lead people who don't know of the legitimate site to accept the data
>of the out-of-date pirated one.
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