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> ............ or, far worse, hiding
> specimens in the wrong places in collections, then you are a regular
> taxonomist and shouldn't worry about it.

I love it!!  Because this is email and an open list serve, I did not take
Roger's copyrighted post as directed to any one individual.   (I say this
just in case anyone did.)  The reality is that the world is filled with good
folk and bad folk, and (as a pastor) I can attest to the fact that neither
education or position in life has much if any affect on what we are inside.
Reputation is what others think of us, while character is what we really are

Having had photos of type specimens on our TILS web site "pilfered" to other
sites I can identify.  I can also recommend that eventually one has to just
let some things go.  There are some things we just can't rectify.  However,
I am a big advocate of shouting from the housetops and pointing fingers at
people who are jerks.   The worst thing that can happen to anyone who is
trying to be "scientific" is to get the word around that they are dishonest
(a thief) and without integrity.   Thus, nothing they produce can be
trusted - one should expect their research to be filled with manipulated
data and outright fraud - a liar is a thief, and  is one at all
interpersonal junctures and life venues.

Imatation may be the highest form of flattery, but without acknowledgment it
is just palgerism.   So if someone steals my stuff on the web, I hope they
at least have the descency to thank me for it -- like the sleep over bandits

Ron Gatrelle

PS.  Hey, I know this is a serious problem, but what does one do - get a gun
or find some humor in it?  I sleep better happy.

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