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> Linking to another person's web page without arrangement also seems
reasonable. That type of use is an entirely different phenomenon from the
posting of another person's work on a website as your own. <

Gary Fewless

The problem here is that some web sites have links that come up with the
initial web sites header still on the page.  This makes it look as if the
linked material is a sub-section of the initial site.   Links should be
formatted to come up and entirely fill the computer screen, that way there
is not inferred association or misassociation.   This is a task of web
master formatting.   BUT - I like having our web sites linkable on as many
web sites as possible.   I'm not going ask someone to remove our link
because they didn't ask to put it up or because they have it pop up in a way
I don't particularly like.   Last I checked, there was no such thing as bad
advertising.   I just hope those who make it to our TILS site stumble upon
our "donations" section, utilize PayPal and send some da money.

Ron Gatrelle

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