Text Extraction Again (from Taxonomic e-text)

Susannah Lydon s.j.lydon at EDUC.KEELE.AC.UK
Tue Jan 27 11:09:16 CST 2004

A quick addition to this thread -

The MultiFlora project, based at Manchester University, tuned state-
of-the-art information extraction software to paper-based botanical
descriptions from floras, in order to extract partial information
from multiple descriptions.

We discussed some of the challenges in dealing with multiple
descriptions in:

Lydon SJ, Wood MM, Huxley R, Sutton D. 2003. Data patterns in
multiple botanical descriptions: implications for automatic
processing of legacy data. Systematics and Biodiversity 1: 151 - 157

Susannah Lydon
Earth Science Education Unit
Department of Education
Keele University

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