PhD position Plant Evol. Biol. S-Germany

Mike Thiv mbotanikus at YAHOO.DE
Tue Jan 27 07:58:18 CST 2004

PhD position at the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart, Germany

A PhD position funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) is available
from May 2004 to pursue research in the field of evolutionary biology. The
successful candidate will participate in a project which aims the
identification of genes involved in lineage diversification in the
Macaronesian Crassulaceae-Sempervivoideae. The project mainly consists of
three parts: 1) Testing the impact of regulatory versus structural genes
on the process of speciation. 2) Evaluating the influence on species
diversification in this group by analyzing genes presumably affecting
reproductive isolation and physiological adaptation. 3) Searching for
correlations between speciation and substitution rates. Such an
interdisciplinary approach can contribute to a better understanding of the
processes behind evolutionary diversification and speciation.

Requirements: Basic qualifications include a diploma or masters in Biology
(preferably in plant evolutionary biology, systematics, or molecular
evolution); experience in DNA sequencing and preferably other molecular
techniques (RNA extractions, RT-PCR, Southern Blots) and in phylogenetic
methodology; an active interest in plant systematics and the capacity for

The appointment is for a period of 24 months with a possible extension for
12 or 24 months. Gross salary of approximately 1463,00 EURO per month (net
salary upon request), based upon a 38.5 hours/week appointment.

Applications close on 13th March 2004. Applications should include a brief
cover letter outlining qualifications and interests, curriculum vitae, and
two letters of reference. Send applications to Mike Thiv, State Museum of
Natural History Stuttgart, Rosenstein 1, D-70191 Stuttgart, Germany, or
via e-mail to bot_phd at The Museum is a centre of research in
biodiversity and harbours important collections. Stuttgart is a rich
cultural centre located in scenic Southern Germany.

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