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Snow, Neil Neil.Snow at UNCO.EDU
Wed Jan 28 08:57:52 CST 2004

Dear Paul et al.;

Jeffrey Brasher and I have an update to Weber's family acronyms that should be published soon.  Jeff has this information summarized alphabetically by family, which we will post at the UNC Herbarium website for anyone to download after the newer manuscript is published.  


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From: Paul van Rijckevorsel [mailto:dipteryx at FREELER.NL]
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A very modest wish I have had for awhile is to have the list of family abbreviations according to Weber ("Weber's Three-Letter Family Acronyms) on the web somewhere. As far as I know it appeared in three separate publications, the latest of which was in Taxon 49, 77-78.

Seems it would not be too hard to join up the three lists and make them available?
Paul van Rijckevorsel
Utrecht, NL 

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