Australopithecine orangutan (or orangutine Australopithecus)

John Grehan jgrehan at SCIENCEBUFF.ORG
Wed Jan 28 15:05:04 CST 2004

For those following this thread there is a very nice reconstruction of
skull StW 252 (supposedly Australopithecus africanus) at If anyone has any doubts
about the orangutan-like form of australopithecines this should give a good
indication. Of course not all australopithecines are so pronounced in the
orangutan form as StW 252 although they all share with orangutans the
configuration of cheekbone, eyebrow, and palate (and nothing so far as I
know at present that is definitively chimpanzee).

Apparently there is also no fossil and living skeletal synapomorphies for
what is currently recognized as the genus Homo.


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