Fwd: Archiving web documents re: Botanical Web Wish List.

Tim Lowrey tlowrey at UNM.EDU
Wed Jan 28 13:31:57 CST 2004

I asked our science library director who is a leader in electronic
publishing and this is an excerpt of his answer. Thought you might be
interested. It is a challenge yet to be worked out but it is being
Tim Lowrey

Begin forwarded message:
> Tim, This is a growing challenge for researchers with their own web
> pages and for some societies. The open archives movement may provide
> answers. Also, the Library of Congress has a pilot project to capture
> web "landscapes" (many sites on many topics) for a test archive and
> the "WayBack Machine" captures snapshots of the WWW for preservation .
> The best way currently is the "many-copies-many-places system", i.e. a
> society or group of researchers agrees to host certain documents from
> each others' sites. This provides more secure backup and limited
> archiving and can be found via a Google search.

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