Current methods of digitizing insect specimens

Gordon Nishida nishidag at BERKELEY.EDU
Wed Jan 28 16:17:42 CST 2004

From: John Deck [mailto:jdeck at socrates.Berkeley.EDU]
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Subject: Current methods of digitizing insect specimens

I'm sending this note to get feedback on what is going on
with the most recent advancements in insect digitization.  The reason I ask
is because the Computer Science department here at UC Berkeley is interested
in teaming with the the Berkeley Natural History Museums on a grant that
could help us AND provide some interesting CS research at the time.  The CS
folks were particularly interested in seeing if they could find methods to
improve on current digitization rates of insect specimens (especially
pinned specimens).

Thanks for your feedback!

John Deck
Berkeley Natural History Museums Informatics Coordinator
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(510) 643-1649

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