Orangutan catches a bus

Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jan 28 18:32:15 CST 2004

I read this story to Parky and he told me that the legend goes (he was vague as to whose legend it was and how he happened to hear it) that long ago certain people misbehaved, and in their displeasure the ruling deities smote them by changing some of their character-states back to those of their (australopithecine?) ancestors.  This was how orangutans originated.  Other character-states -- such as, presumably, the ability to use public transportation -- the deities left intact, to send the message that by striving diligently these dis-evolved creatures (or rather, their offspring) could once again hope to achieve full humanity.

So in this view, "humans" is a paraphyletic group unless orangutans are included.

Works for me ...


John Grehan <jgrehan at TPBMAIL.NET> wrote:
I found what I thought might be an interesting example of a behavioral
character that may or may not have phylogenetic significance depending on
whether one recognizes morphology as informative in the first place, and
behavior as a morphology in the second.

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