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Charlie Butterworth charlie.butterworth at CGU.EDU
Wed Jan 28 14:07:51 CST 2004

The genus Mammillaria (Cactaceae) is a conserved name.  However, I
cannot place which congress actually conserved the name.

Pilbeam in the Mammillaria Handbook cites the 1930 Vienna congress, as
does Luthy in his 1995 thesis on Mammillaria.  In 1923 Britton and Rose
described the genus Neomammillaria because the cactus name Mammillaria
(described by Haworth in 1812) had previously been used for a genus of
algae by Stackhouse in 1809.

The St Louis Code lists Mammillaria (Cactaceae) as conserved and the
algal name as invalid.
The 1930 IBC (Cambridge) lists Mammillaria (Cactaceae) as conserved for
Linnaeus' genus name Cactus
The 1905 IBC (Vienna) lists the same as the 1930 code for Mammillaria

However, I have been unable to find any discussion in both the 1905 and
1930 congress proceedings pertaining to the conservation of the name
Mammillaria for the cactus genus.

This has led me to a number of questions:

1.  Was the proposal to conserve Mammillaria voted on or discussed?  If
so, where is this documented?
2.  Was the name already conserved when Britton and Rose created the
name Neomammillaria?
3.  Why might Pilbeam and Luthy have cited incorrectly, if they
actually have done?

I'd welcome any comments, answers or opinions.


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