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Michael Vincent vincenma at MUOHIO.EDU
Thu Jan 29 11:30:52 CST 2004

Dear TAXACOM members:  One of my students, Eric Tepe, and I are working on
a phylogenetic study of Trifolium sect. Chronosemium, and have been unable
thus far to obtain material of three species.  I am writing to see if
anyone has access to material (seeds, herbarium specimens, leaves) of any
of them.  We have looked in many seed banks, and written to many
herbaria...  Also, the few seed accessions we have seen so far that were
labeled as these taxa were incorrectly identified.

Here are the species we still need:

Trifolium dolopium
Trifolium sebastiani
Trifolium sintenisii

If you know of any material of any of these, please contact me with details
of what is necessary to obtain them.

Thank you very much.

M.A. Vincent

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