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An item of the Botanical Web Wish List that was realized awhile back:


showing it should be the 1905 Congress.
It also gives references of discussions (which hopefully give more detail)
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> The genus Mammillaria (Cactaceae) is a conserved name.  However, I
> cannot place which congress actually conserved the name.
> Pilbeam in the Mammillaria Handbook cites the 1930 Vienna congress, as
> does Luthy in his 1995 thesis on Mammillaria.  In 1923 Britton and Rose
> described the genus Neomammillaria because the cactus name Mammillaria
> (described by Haworth in 1812) had previously been used for a genus of
> algae by Stackhouse in 1809.
> The St Louis Code lists Mammillaria (Cactaceae) as conserved and the
> algal name as invalid.
> The 1930 IBC (Cambridge) lists Mammillaria (Cactaceae) as conserved for
> Linnaeus' genus name Cactus
> The 1905 IBC (Vienna) lists the same as the 1930 code for Mammillaria
> However, I have been unable to find any discussion in both the 1905 and
> 1930 congress proceedings pertaining to the conservation of the name
> Mammillaria for the cactus genus.
> This has led me to a number of questions:
> 1.  Was the proposal to conserve Mammillaria voted on or discussed?  If
> so, where is this documented?
> 2.  Was the name already conserved when Britton and Rose created the
> name Neomammillaria?
> 3.  Why might Pilbeam and Luthy have cited incorrectly, if they
> actually have done?
> I'd welcome any comments, answers or opinions.
> Thank-you
> Charles A. Butterworth
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