ITIS (an explanation of GBIF's data integration activities)

Peter Stevens peter.stevens at MOBOT.ORG
Thu Jul 1 15:59:46 CDT 2004

 From Mary Barkworth:

>The failure of IPNI to have developed the kind of collaborative
>structure mentioned in an earlier email by someone (sorry - forget who)
>is particularly disturbing in view of the promises made at the
>International botanical Congress in St. Louis in 1999.  I hope the
>leaders of IPNI will be able to state next year in Vienna that they have
>implemented and made visible information about questions that have been
>raised and addressed concerning particular names. Kanchi Gandhi provides
>fantastic feedback to those of us engaged in the Flora of North America
>project, checking the validity and legitimacy of individual names, often
>in consultation with other members of IAPT's nomenclatural committee. He
>also quickly corrects any of the Gray Card entries that need it. Gerrit
>Davidse at MO is also quick to correct any errors that are brought to
>his attention. Unfortunately the questions themselves and the reasons
>for the answers given do not appear anywhere, making it likely that the
>same questions will be asked again and again. I know this last is true;
>I have done it myself. It would be nice to be spared the embarrassment
>of asking the same question twice - and to spare Kanchi the effort of
>looking up his earlier response.  More importantly, no question should
>have to be looked into more than once. My understanding from the
>presentation at St. Louis was that IPNI would be providing the kind of
>information to help ensure that would be the case. Did I misunderstand
>or ?

You did not misunderstand - that seemed to me the neatest aspects of
the whole project.  As I inderstand things (having left IPNI when I
moved to MO), providing that kind of cumulative documentation remains
a goal.

Peter S.

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