Call for nominations for Ebbe Nielsen Prize in Biosystematic/Biodiversity Informatics

Meredith Lane mlane at GBIF.ORG
Wed Jul 7 16:15:27 CDT 2004

    *EBBE NIELSEN PRIZE for Innovation in Combining*

    *Biosystematics and Biodiversity Informatics Research*

  <>Description, Qualifications and Nomination Procedures

1.       This annual Prize was established by the GBIF Governing Board
to honor the memory of Ebbe Schmidt Nielsen, who was an inspirational
leader in the fields of biosystematics and biodiversity informatics.

2.       The Prize consists of US$35,000, and is intended to allow the
recipient(s), who may reside in any country, to engage in
biosystematics/biodiversity informatics research outside his/her/their
country of residence for a period of 3-6 months. However, the use of the
funds will be at the discretion of the recipient(s).

3.       The Prize is primarily intended to be awarded to a promising
researcher in the early stage of his/her career who is /combining
biosystematics and biodiversity informatics research in an exciting and
novel way/. This does not preclude researchers at later stages in their
career from being nominated where they are able to demonstrate new and
novel research in biosystematics/biodiversity informatics.

4.       It is recognized that often work may be carried out by a small
team where no single individual wishes to be honored ahead of other team
members. Hence the Prize may be awarded to a small team who together
have made a significant achievement in biosystematics/biodiversity

5.       Nomination(s) are to be submitted by any GBIF Voting or
Associate Participant. Individuals or institutions should nominate
through a GBIF Participant or Associate Participant.

6.       The nominating package** *will consist of the following
documents (written in English) in electronic form:

    * a cover letter from the nominating GBIF Participant that describes
      the novel and exciting nature of the results of the nominee's
    * a curriculum vitae for the nominee(s);
    * evidence of the nominee(s)' relevant research, such as reprints,
      URLs of websites, or other supporting materials;
    * up to three supporting letters from experts in the fields of
      biosystematics, bioinformatics and/or biodiversity informatics;
    * a statement from the nominee(s) that describes how the Prize will
      be used.

7.       Nominating packages are due at the GBIF Secretariat no later
than 15 December of any calendar year.  GBIF Participants should send
nomination packages to _ENPrize at gbif.org_

8.       The winner of the Prize will be selected by the GBIF Governing
Board Science Committee. The Prize will be awarded at the GBIF Governing
Board meeting that is held in the second quarter of each calendar year.
The recipient(s) will be invited to present a lecture to the Governing
Board on their research, with an emphasis on placing the research in its
broader societal perspective. The public shall be invited to attend
these lectures.

** *Nominations that are unsuccessful in one year may be updated and
resubmitted for consideration in subsequent years.

Meredith A. Lane, PhD
PR & Scientific Liaison
GBIF Secretariat
Global Biodiversity Information Facility
mlane at <>

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