Species as "Hypotheses"

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at FREELER.NL
Thu Jul 15 12:01:27 CDT 2004

From: Guy redeuilh <redeuilh at CLUB-INTERNET.FR>
At the present time, the unsolved problem for me is : what is a taxon (a
word currently used by cladists and phylogeneticists) in a purely
phylogenetical - and especially cladistical - concept ?

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I am the wrong person to answer this, but I get the impression cladists don't mean anything in particular by "taxon". Systematists has been using "taxon" for decades and when cladistics came to the fore cladists followed this usage. The only difference appears to be that any cladistically acceptable taxon should be a clade.

The draft-PhyloCode has no reason to use the word "taxon": the only taxon
that can get a name under the PhyloCode is a clade (Art 1.1). The PhyloCode
could use "clade" throughout without any change in meaning. In practice it
appears to use "taxon" mostly where pre-existing names (potentially) are

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