Will there be a 2004 edit of Lorrenz's carabid catalogs

Faunaplan at AOL.COM Faunaplan at AOL.COM
Thu Jul 15 11:08:14 CDT 2004

Dear Dr. Noonan, dear all
I apologize for problems that have been caused by the delay of the books.
Publication date will be later this year. For details I will respond in
private email.

Others may be skeptical - but I'm optimistic (still more so after recent
discussions on TAXACOM) that there are ways to combine the new and old media. I'm
convinced that making resources available to GBIF etc. does not preclude
selling hard copies.  However, what makes me optimistic is sometimes difficult to
explain to outsiders (who's money we sometimes need, isn't it?). In particular,
I repeatedly found that misleading press reports like the "barcode story"
seem to have an influence on some people's perception of the "taxonomic

best regards,
Wolfgang Lorenz

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