description as a part of key

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Sun Jul 18 22:06:07 CDT 2004

Hi Ricardo,
      Must one necessarily narrow it down to a single page?  Given that it is only named on one earlier page, and described on another earlier page, I would prefer that the citation bear more than one page number:
    Cosmogaster Koch, 1956:72, 73, 164.

That little bit of additional information may be help someone out down the line, but that is just how I would personally like to see it.  Others may have different preferences.
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                    Ken Kinman

Ricardo wrote:
dear colleagues,
I like to know what could be for the best citation of the page ... In book is description of the genera on two places one on front of book as a part of the key and sometime happen that description is one page but new name is actually on another page and Second description is inside the book if I use Cosmogaster Koch 1956:73 there is only name and not description Cosmogaster  Koch 1956:72 there is description but no name Cosmogaster  Koch 1956:164 is the second entry...
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