proper citaion when the description is a part of the key

Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Sun Jul 18 23:49:59 CDT 2004

I suppose this is most important when some pages of an article were published on a later date than others (the date of publication then being the point at which all the components satisfying availability were accomplished).  But it seems useful to have the multiple citations in any case.

Barry Roth

Itzchak Gilboa <gilboa at PIPELINE.COM> wrote:
Ken's suggestion is valid one. This is a common practice in herpetology.
Cryptobranchidae Cope 1889, Bull. U. S. natl. Mus., 34: 33, 34, 36
Cycloraninae, Parker 1940, Novitat. Zool., 32(1): 6, 12
Kinosterninae Williams 1950, Bull. Amer. Mus. Natur. Hist., 94: 513, 556

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