Nicrophorus Server test & Filemaker Pro

Derek Sikes dsikes at UCALGARY.CA
Mon Jul 19 16:20:27 CDT 2004


Thanks to all those who visited the temporary new address of my website
'Nicrophorus Central'.

I learned a few things that some folks who are using or considering
Filemaker for webserving might find valuable:

1. Despite Filemaker being an Apple product, version 6 remains unstable
on (some?) Mac servers. I had experienced this before and the only
solution was to serve my databases to the web using a Windows box. Some
people report no issues using Mac servers, but, with your help, I
confirmed that the setup I tried (Mac G5, FMP v.6) is not stable. The
operating system of the Mac was fine, but Filemaker locked up after a
day or so of heavy serving and had to be force quit.

2. Filemaker version 6 is not multi-threaded as a web server - i.e. it
can only deliver data to 1 person at a time. Thus some of you got no
response from my website because others were using it at that moment,
even before Filemaker locked up. The next version of Filemaker, version
7, is multithreaded and will be able to serve to 100 clients
simultaneously. Unfortunately, v. 7 requires serious conversion of
previous databases and uses XML instead of CDML for its web scripting
language so moving from v 6 to v7 will not be painless. Since the
webserving Filemaker v7 isn't out yet I have no idea if the instability
on Mac servers will be fixed.

Despite these issues, Filemaker remains an excellent product for
small-scale web-based data dissemination.

Thanks again,


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