DNA Barcoding Debate, part of the PEET Conference, 23rd September, Univ. of Illinois

Vince Smith vsmithuk at YAHOO.CO.UK
Tue Jul 20 08:48:15 CDT 2004

Dear Evoldir / Taxacom / PEET members,


Special Debate: DNA Barcoding, Thursday, 23rd September, Univ. of
Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
As part of the forthcoming PEET meetings this September
(http://www.conferences.uiuc.edu/peet/) I will be chairing a debate on
DNA barcoding at the University of Illinois. Speaking in defense of
barcoding will be Paul Hebert (University of Guelph), arguably the
founder of the barcoding movement. Speaking against will be Kip Will
(University of California), a voice of caution who has recently
published on the pitfalls of molecular taxonomy.  I am keen to engage
the wider taxonomic community beyond PEET grant holders in this debate
and this is where you can help...

I am looking for a diverse selection of questions that can be put to
Paul and Kip by a student panel as part of the debate. These questions
should cover the full spectrum of issues associated with the
application of DNA barcoding, from its use in taxon identification and
discovery, through to its practical and political ramifications if
barcoding is to become more widely applied within taxonomy. If you
would like to submit a question, reply to me personally (OFF LIST
PLEASE) at "vsmith at inhs.uiuc.edu", preferably with the subject line
"DNA Barcoding Debate".

The proceedings of this meeting will be published (subject to peer
review) in question and answer format in a forthcoming issue of
Systematic Biology. All questions selected will be credited with their
author unless they would prefer to remain anonymous. This is an
excellent opportunity to ask questions to two of the leading
authorities on genetic barcoding and get a direct answer - don't miss

All questions will be considered, and just to make things more
interesting they will not be disclosed to Paul Hebert or Kip Will until
they are asked on the day of the debate!

Thanks and apologies for cross posting,

Vince Smith


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