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christian thompson cthompson at SEL.BARC.USDA.GOV
Tue Jul 20 13:42:42 CDT 2004


WHY would anyone want to create dichotomous keys for digital
environments when one has DELTA INTKEY,  LucID and other more powerful
identification aids?

Want an examples? Look at our fruit fly identification key.


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>>> Susan Farmer <sfarmer at SABRE.GOLDSWORD.COM> 07/20/04 01:46PM >>>
Has there been any work with XML or CSS to format dichotomous keys on
a web site so that they look more "key-ish" than just straight text
or formatting the various pieces parts in a series of table columns
(number, text, result)?

I haven't stayed current on HTML/XML/CSS developments.

Susan Farmer
sfarmer at
Botany Department, University of Tennessee

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