HTML formatting of keys

Paul Beuk paul.beuk at MITOX.ORG
Wed Jul 21 10:08:28 CDT 2004

First reason I can think of not using either of these programs is that they
are PC (Windows) only, and I would like to have any keys available for
Macintosh users as well.

Second reason I can think of is that you will allways need a second
component (IntKey or Lucid player) to run keys, whereas I would prefer using
a browser only.

Third reason I can think of is that you need a dataset of preferably all
characters for all species (correct me if I am wrong). Though I will agree
that identification using such a data set can often be done much quicker
(using one of the above packages), it takes a lot of time to compose it.

Apart from that, in the future these components may be available for Macs as
well and I will certainly have a go at it.

Chris, you mentioned the fruit fly identification key. How do you open the
dataset from the browser? Just clicking the link in the browser results in a
'The page cannor be found' error? Entering the link into the box for the
selection of the dataset in IntKey (5.1.1), I get an error message.


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> Susan:
> WHY would anyone want to create dichotomous keys for digital
> environments when one has DELTA INTKEY,  LucID and other more powerful
> identification aids?
> Want an examples? Look at our fruit fly identification key.
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> >>> Susan Farmer <sfarmer at SABRE.GOLDSWORD.COM> 07/20/04 01:46PM >>>
> Has there been any work with XML or CSS to format dichotomous keys on
> a web site so that they look more "key-ish" than just straight text
> or formatting the various pieces parts in a series of table columns
> (number, text, result)?
> I haven't stayed current on HTML/XML/CSS developments.
> Susan
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